NEO Planner V4.3  -  Impressum and Privacy

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NEO Planner Page


Author and designer of this web and NEO Planner:

Bernhard Häusler, Dettelbach, Germany, all rights reserved


Neo Planner is Registerware (Freeware requiring registration)

German Copyright Law

And because the legislature requires it:

I hereby consciously distance myself from any external link that I use on this web for better understanding or for educational purposes.
I expressly distance myself from any content on these links! Bernhard Häusler, Dettelbach Germany

All pages, own images and programs on this web are automatically protected by international copyright laws and do not require any special information.


NEO Planner is registered. A hardware code is required for use.

The transmission of the hardware code of the personal computer to the NEO Planner server is mandatory

during the initial installation and the user agrees to this by installing the program.

In order to provide optimal support, the settings_obscode.dat and the last planning are sent

to the NEO Planner server when the program is terminated.

The user can decide for himself whether and when he allows this.

Upon activation, the user agrees to the transmission of the data.



Copyright: The author of NEO Planner and all sites of this web is Bernhard Haeusler, Dettelbach, Germany, all rights reserved