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NEO Planner Page

Within the picture, click on the zone that you want to be explained: (not in all browsers available)

Copyright: The data comes from official access to web services from Open Street Map

These settings are the first step in getting NEO Planner up and running.

Here you define the Geo settings data of NEO Planner.
It is important to enter all information very carefully. And remember to set up your own free account with IP GeoLocation.

Plausibility checks or actions are usually only carried out after leaving the cursor in the input field.

IAU Observatory Code::

Stonehenge is a fictitious IAU observatory location. Of course, no real IAU codes or sensitive geo-data are displayed on this explanation page.
Enter your three-digit IAU code here and place the cursor on another field.

Latitude in degree:

The latitude always begins with + or -. You can use the entry from Astrometrica's settings or enter a correct decimal number between -90.000000 and +90.000000.
Not all decimal places have to be entered.

Longitude in degree:

Please enter positive longitudes as a decimal number without a sign, negative longitudes with a sign -.
Longitudes west of Greenwich have a range of -0.0000000 to -179.99999 degrees, those east of Greenwich have a longitude of 0.00000001 to 179.999999 degrees.
Not all decimal places have to be entered.

After entering the longitude, the street map is displayed on the right using API access. You can check the correct position again. API Key:

Why is the free API key required for IP geolocation?
With the help of the key, NEO Planner can determine the necessary geodata for your location each time it is called.
These include, for example, the times of sunset or noon or midnight of the current day.
Together with some other individual settings, these data are required to calculate the observation slot within the observable objects are determined.

Every NEO Planner user has to request their own API key.
Enter your API Key of
'Free IP Lookup API and Accurate IP Location Finder', available on

Create an account and include your API Key:

Pressing the Login IP Geolocation button takes you to the website to create a free account.
This means that up to a maximum of 1000 accesses to the geodata per day are possible free of charge, which of course is never required by the Neo Planner on this scale.

Load  IPGeolocation data:

By pressing the 'Load' button, some geographic data such as the current local time, local sunset and in UT and midnight UT are displayed.
The display of the data serves to verify correct access to IP geolocation.




Copyright: The author of NEO Planner and all sites of this web is Bernhard Haeusler, Dettelbach, Germany, all rights reserved